Les 2 Alpes – Panorama

As I promised in my yesterday post, here are the panoramas from my last week trip.

First photo was taken at the highest point of the Les 2 Alpes ski resort, at glacier in 3600 metres above sea level, under the peak of Pic de la Grave, which is 3669m high. This panorama is made of 8 photos stitched together.

[Group 1]-DSC_6876_DSC_6883-8 images

The second photo was taken a bit lower, in 3400, at Glacier de Mantel. This panorama is made of 3 photos stitched together.

[Group 1]-DSC_6884_DSC_6886-3 images

You can find other photos from Les 2 Alpes in my previous post

France – Les 2 Alpes

I had wonderful holiday last week. I spent my time off in very nice ski resort Les 2 Alpes in Savoy Alpes. Apart from skiing I had many opportunities to take photos and therefore I can present those photos here.

Let’s start with photos taken at night. In the first photo there is northern part of the town and in the second photo there is southern part. Both of the photos were taken when the weather wasn’t so cloudy. Unfortunately, it was early evening and the lights from the town were shinig so much that I couldn’t see the stars.

(Shutter Speed: 4.5sec; Aperture: F/3.5; Focal Length: 16mm; ISO 100)

(Shutter Speed: 2.5sec; Aperture: F/3.5; Focal Length: 16mm; ISO 100)

The next two photos were taken at a piste when we were lucky enough to have a sunny day.

(Shutter Speed: 1./8000sec; Aperture: F/3.5; Focal Length: 16mm; ISO 100)

(Shutter Speed: 1/8000sec; Aperture: F/3.5; Focal Length: 16mm; ISO 100)

I have very few opportunities to take photos of skiers and I wasn’t very satisfied with the photos I took. There is still much to improve, like distance and camera settings. This photo is probably the best photo of a skier (not some random skier 🙂 ) I took there. I hope next time I will take better photos.

The next photo was taken in the late afternoon one day when there were no clouds. This was the only day when there were no clouds in the late afternoon so I really made use of this only opportunity.

(Shutter Speed: 1/400sec; Aperture: F/5.6; Focal Length: 85mm; ISO 200)

The weather wasn’t really good during the first half of week. One night fell about 50cm of new snow and it continued to snow in the morning. This tree was the only thing we were able to see from the balcony of our suite, although there were many other trees and bushes behind the tree.

(Shutter Speed: 1/400sec; Aperture: F/10; Focal Length: 62mm; ISO 200)

Tomorrow I will make a new post about mountain panoramas I took last week.