Lucerna terraces opened to the public

Lucerna palace is a building in the centre of Prague, very close to the Vaclavske Square. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century and it was designed as the first multipurpose building. It is a multilevel open air galleria that houses The Lucerna Music Bar and the Lucerna Theatre, a formal concert hall, in addition to an assortment of shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Its terraces on the roof were closed due to operating reason but now they are being reconstructed and open to the public.

The view from up there is simply amazing


Then look down to the courtyard. The floor is actually a roof of passage with shops and restaurants…

…and then look up.

But if you look closer, some parts still need renovating. Like these chimneys.

Or roofing.

This is the top part of one of the surrounding buildings.

Btw, the czech word “lucerna” means “a lantern” in English. And there is actually a lantern hanging at one of the entrances to the Lucerna palace.