Vyšehrad at Night

This weekend I participated in photography workshop focused on night city photography. As I have always been a self-taught, the workshop helped me to understand why certain settings were better than other, I also learned how to set and adjust white balance in kelvins (and I was amazed at the difference between auto white balance and manually set white balance in kelvins). Fortunately, there were only two other workshop participants so the lecturer had more time for each of us and to advise us.

The below photos are those that I took during the workshop at Vysehrad.

A view to the Prague Castle. It was funny that one moment, this spot at the view was empty and only minutes later, there were several photographers (excluding our workshop group).

This was at the same viewpoint as above, only in opposite directions.

Basilica of St Peter and St Paul

The outer walls of Vysehrad. According to the legends, ruler Horymír jumped of the walls to the Vltava river while riding his horse Šemík and than they swam to the other side to save himself from execution.

Rotunda of St Martin, built in the 11th century


Signal Festival 2017

Signal Festival that took place last weekend is a festival of light art. Mostly it is in form of light installations in streets and public spaces in the city, including famous historical landmarks. The below photos are of installation at Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad in Prague and it consisted of huge LED light panels, three sets of two vertical and one horizontal panels.