About Me

Why MoNa? Firstly, it’s first two syllable of my name and surname and secondly, it is also one of many shorter versions of my name.

Don’t be suprised that some of my photos are signed as amrodel.deviantart.com, that’s my other photoghraphy account. At deviantArt, you can find only the photos I like most from particular set of photos. Here, at MoNa’s Photography, I post more photos including those from deviantArt and also some more. Here you can find my deviantArt account.

Warning: My photos are not free to use, do not copy or repost them.

Some of my photos are available as prints. If you are interested, please visit either


or my devintArt account – section Prints.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I follow you on deviantART and just read your latest journal entry and saw that you have a WordPress account. I have one as well and so I thought I’d follow you here too. 🙂 I LOVE your photography!

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