Flood in Prague

It has been raining non-stop for last two weeks and now there are floods in Bohemia, which is part of the Czech Republic. It looks like it won’t be as bad as it was almost eleven years ago, when the historical centre of the Prague was flooded, as well as the lower part of the Prague Zoo and other areas. Now the volume of water running through the Vltava River is at about two thirds of the volume in year 2002.

It was still raining heavily today but I decided to take some photos of the Vltava River and its surroundings.

Wild ducks and swans didn’t seem to mind the neverending rain.



Ducks and the flooded underpass.
DSC_7697 DSC_7700

Water at the doorstep at Manes Tower.

A weir at Vltava river.

The nearest sign says: There is a bike lane, cyclist and pedestrians, be careful!

A flowerpot taken away from its original place by the stream, who knows were it stood before the floods.

Detail of the Palacký Bridge (btw, that English name doesn’t sound right, although the google says it is correct… )

View from Janáček Waterfront (again, this simply sounds neither good nor right)

I hope the floods will end soon and won’t cause any more damages.