Polar Park

Polar Park is an animal park that focus only on Norwegian wildlife. There are only few animals but they are kept in exhibits so huge we did not see to the other end or the animals inside. According to their website, the Polar Park is one of the animal parks in the world with the most area per animal (1100 dekar, 1 dekar = 1000 square meters, for only 12 enclosures. Also, the reindeer herd has an enclosure without fence and are free to move around.

The red deer (Cervus elaphus) is one of the largest deer species. This one was constantly eyeing us and if we got too close to the fence (although we were still on the visitors path), it would come close and stomp threateningly.

Lynx (Lynx lynx) is the only wild feline in Norway.

There are two wolf (Canis lupus) packs in Polar Park, but we only saw one pack. Or rather one whole wolf and one wolf that was constantly hiding from our view. By the time we were leaving the park, it was already getting dark and then the packs started howling. It was so scary and I was really really glad that there is high fence between us and them.

I would like to stay there a bit longer but the light (or at least twilight) lasts only couple of hours in December…