Panoramatic Norway

No matter if it is winter or summer, there are always opportunitites to take photos of the beautiful nature. And the great views are so tempting to be captured in all their width as a panorama.

One day we made a trip around island Kvaløya. Because of only couple of hours of light (or at least twilight), we managed to go around only part of the island. This is how noon looks like in December.

Unfortunately, it was getting dark very quickly when we got to Sommarøy island. So I took only a few photos, then we found one geocache hidden under snow and were on our way again.

The city of Tromsø. We took a cable car to the top of one of surrounding hills. The view from up there was great but the wind was so strong and cold. It felt like it was -20°C. I was also quite lucky because I took enough photos to make this panorama and then the batteries in my camera died due to the cold.

And finally, New Years Eve. Also it was our last night there. The greenish smudge across the sky are the Northern Lights.


Two Panoramas of Dalesice Reservoir

Dalesice Reservoir lies near city Brno, the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. It serves as a water source for near nuclear power plant Dukovany. It’s dam is 100m hight and it is second highest in Europe. The reservoir was created by flooding the valley of river Jihlava.

The first panorama was made of 17 vertical photos, which were taken from Wilson’s rock (a viewpoint above the reservoir)

This panorama was made of only 10 photos.

Prague Castle Panorama

Charles’ Bridge and Prague Castle

Prague Castle, founded in 870 AD, is the largest medieval castle in Europe. It was the seat of the Kings of Bohemia for centuries, and today the President of the Czech Republic rules from here. The Prague Castle complex covers over 7 hectares and is centred around three great courtyards. The dominant building within, and the most recognisable landmark in the city, is St. Vitus Cathedral.

Prague’s oldest bridge, the Charles Bridge, connects Old Town with Malá Strana. Dating to 1347, it was originally called the Stone Bridge, or Prague Bridge, before being named Charles Bridge in 1870, after its founder King Charles IV. Charles Bridge is adorned with 30 stone statues of saints and personages, added between 1683 and 1928.

[Group 1]-DSC_9698_DSC_9703-5 imagesmale
(Shutter Speed: 8/1 seconds, Aperture: F/10.0, Focal Length: 38.0, ISO 200)

Les 2 Alpes – Panorama

As I promised in my yesterday post, here are the panoramas from my last week trip.

First photo was taken at the highest point of the Les 2 Alpes ski resort, at glacier in 3600 metres above sea level, under the peak of Pic de la Grave, which is 3669m high. This panorama is made of 8 photos stitched together.

[Group 1]-DSC_6876_DSC_6883-8 images

The second photo was taken a bit lower, in 3400, at Glacier de Mantel. This panorama is made of 3 photos stitched together.

[Group 1]-DSC_6884_DSC_6886-3 images

You can find other photos from Les 2 Alpes in my previous post